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Key Statistics


Stories with Occupiable Rooftop Element


On-Site Parking Stalls

(58 Required, 58 Provided)

7000 sq. ft

Rooftop Event Space



2350 sq. ft

Interior Dining Space on the first floor

1685 sq. ft

Interior Event Space


Public Art Contribution

900 sq. ft

Outdoor Restaurant Space on the first floor

Project Resources & FAQs

  • How many parking stalls does the project have?
    58 stalls on site, meeting the parking requirements as determined by the City of Petaluma, and exploring additional off-site parking. There will additionally be bicycle parking (street level) and bicycle valet in the parking garage. The Project Team is adding mechanical parking (costly) to allow for 58 stalls, the code required amount, and will be valet only.
  • Is there designated public space on the rooftop?
    A portion of the rooftop is designated as public space even during private events. The rooftop is designed to have the best views in town and will take advantage of the surrounding landscape.
  • How many stories is the project?
    The project is five stories with an occupiable rooftop element. The fifth floor is intentionally stepped back from the fourth floor, substantially minimizing the visual impact and making the building appear as a four-story building. The occupiable rooftop structure is set back 25 feet from the property line, making it invisible from the street below.
  • What will the public art installation be?
    The Project Team is in the process of determining both the type of art installation and the local artisans that will commission the various art pieces. The project will invest at least half a million dollars in public facing art.
  • What brand will the hotel be?
    The Project will be an Appellation Hotel, a local, food and beverage-centric brand founded by Charlie Palmer and Chris Hunsberger – based in Sonoma County.
  • How much traffic will the project add to downtown?
    The project team is currently working to update their Traffic Study and will post its findings when finalized. Although the project will add traffic from its current use (vacant land) it will be substantially less than its previous use as a Chevron gas station. The project will encourage hotel guests to take the SMART train into Petaluma.
  • Why doesn’t the project look like a historical project?
    While the project is a new building and takes advantage of the latest green building technologies and design, much thought and care was put into creating a hotel which has many historic features found in Petaluman architecture. Diana Painter is a key project team member, who worked hand-in-hand with the architect to implement and incorporate historic features found in Petaluma’s historic downtown.
  • Will the project be LEED Certified?
    The Project will qualify as a LEED-certified building through the sustainable features included throughout the project’s design, however it will not be officially LEED Certified.

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